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Why Musicians Quit.

This blog was originally posted on our wordpress on October 1st 2014. This is the reblog with small updates.

We started Hemorage in 2007 and I’m proud to say that we are still here and this is our first band. We started this band from nothing. We didn’t have any musical talents or experience before we even started forming this band. Even though some might think we are not going anywhere or we are wasting our time living in a fantasy world. I don’t let all those negativity get in my head and I just keep pushing towards my goal which is to keep doing what I love to do.

After several years, people told me to give up, I’m not good enough, I will never “make” it, what are you gonna do if you fail and so on. I used them as a motivation to be better. We’ve played over a hundreds shows and been half the country and we are more excited on what’s more to come. Yes we’ve lost 3 vocalists, 2 guitarists, 3 drummers and 5 bassists in the process but we didn’t let that get in a way of playing music. From all these years being in the music scene I’ve seen so many bands dropped have up and never played music again.

Out of all the bands we played with since we are the only one who are still kicking. This thought has been going through my head for awhile now and trying to figure out why musicians quit. I’ve noticed that a lot of the bands who are not around anymore has a lot in common. Lack of creativity, dedication and drive. So here are a few reasons(excuses) I’ve noticed from musicians who gave up:

1. They Party Way Too Much – I’ve noticed that some bands would just party rather than play music. I get that partying is fun but its not as great as when you are celebrating something you achieved(i.e playing an awesome show). Some people get caught up on the party mode to the point that you can’t play music anymore. Partying gets old once you do it for a long time.

2. “I’m Not Making Any Money” – If you are playing music for the money, of course the money will never come to you. As an artist you have to stay true to yourself. Artists are just like people too. People know what’s fake and what’s real. Being a sell out is just like being a knock off. You need to be genuine and true. That’s what people gravitate towards to. (Why do you think organic food is better?). You can also try to come up with making money that involves the band. For example, selling merch.

3. “I Got A Job” – Here’s a classic excuse. Your job shouldn’t be taking away your passion. It’s supposed to help you to pay the bills so you can live your life. Don't let your job get the better part of your life. Always have something that will keep you sane. If you die tomorrow, your job will just replace you. They make you think that you're valuable to them but at the end of the day your are disposable.

4. “I Got A Kid” – Taking care of a child is very important but quitting because of your child is not a good example for your kid in the long run. Think about it. Your kid will be looking up to you and how are you supposed to explain them that you quit your passion because of you have a kid.

5. “I’m In A Relationship Now” – Your significant other should be the one motivating you to reach your goal. They are supposed to be there for you not drag you down. If he/she can’t understand your passion you guys are never meant to be together.

6. “My Band Mates Are Lazy” – That means you're lazy too or do not have the balls to tell them to get their *** together. Being in a band is like being a team if you can’t motivate others you can’t succeed towards your goal.

7. “Creative Differences” – The easiest way out.

8. “One Of Our Founding Band Members Quit” – I know it’s hard to move on or get back on your feet from this type of a set back. But that is not a valid excuse on not moving on. Things change and people change. If this is something you to do you'll eventually find others who will be the same. Use this as an opportunity to open your mind of what's out there. What has the world have to offer with new people.

9. “We Are Not Going Anywhere” – Because you don’t have any goals and think things happen over night. You have to go get it and it's very hard. It's a lot of ups and downs. Just hang in there and your time will come. Just keep pushing to be better.

10. “I Don’t Like This Kind Of Music Anymore” – This usually happens to trendy bands.

11. “No One Goes To Our Shows” – If you don’t give it all you got people will never show up. Stop complaining and start playing. It takes time to build a following. But stay cool and stay awesome you will get there.

12. “We Got No Fans, Or The Fans Don’t Care” – People will only care if you care.

13. “My Parents Don’t Want Me To Play Music Anymore” – You are old enough to make decisions. Don’t live someones else life.

14. “I Got school” – If you really want to go to school to get a degree and pursue something that’s fine. But if you are going to school for any other reason you shouldn’t be going to school.

15. “I Don’t Have Enough Time” – Then make time. If you really want it you’ll make it work.

It’s OK to quit to pursue another passion of yours. But it is never okay to just give up and not do anything! For me giving up is like committing suicide. Not only it affects you but it affects a lot of people around you. Specially to the ones who looks up to you. I’ve noticed that people who gave up eventually went back to try it again but with the regret all the times they’ve lost. Pursuing your passion is hard that’s why not a lot of people are doing it.


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